Finding Reasons to Continue Training

We all have reasons for doing things. Having a flat midsection, renewed energy levels and better all round physical and mental health are all strong reasons to workout. However, we also may have reasons to give up, and these “give up”
reasons may be valid or invalid.

If we are to follow through on a set goal, a strong emotional reason can turn your life around in a short time. So there must be an emotional attachment to the reason for it to have some energy and excitement. It will definitely work better and is a key factor in determining success.

I will share my own personal strong emotional reasons for working out:

Reason 1 – Responsibility: My role and responsibility as a Taekwondo and martial arts instructor is to lead by example. I find this part of my job the toughest part because I am fortunate to lead Black Belts who train diligently, and in turn expect rigorous standards when it comes to fitness, health and discipline while training. This responsibility is probably the singular motivating factor in all our workouts and my first reason that keeps me training.

Reason 2 – Health :  Having a strong mid section and lower back as this is always a challenge for me. Since I began training in the early seventies, I have had an ongoing back challenge. Having a strong mid section, and muscles around the small of the back is vital for heavy lifting and most daily dynamic movements. So I have to keep it up. In one sense, I have no choice but to keep fit.

Reason 3 – Enjoyment:  I love what I do. I feel fortunate to be able to still enjoy working out and training Taekwondo and other martial arts full stop. Many people struggle to exercise when they get to their 50’s, they often give up and it is a downward slide if that happens. For us to enjoy the exercise, we have to have some element of fun and creativity.  And I like to mix this fun with a fairly challenging exercise that I can just about manage with each training session.  The endorphins released while exercising result in a great feel good factor. If you don’t enjoy your training you won’t last long. The balance of disciplined training with enjoyment, yields huge benefits and are powerful reasons to keep going.

Reason 4 – Being Fit for My Children: Another strong emotional reason to have a strong mid section is that two of my youngest children are at the time of writing this book 7½ years and 2½ years old. I am now 56 years of age and if God will spare me, I will turn 74 and be in good condition when my youngest son Daniel, turns 21.

You’re all invited and wish me luck for the next 19 years, getting mileage from this reason.


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