What Parents Say

 ”I really don’t know much about Taekwondo but gladly enrolled my three children who have gained a lot of confidence in themselves through the classes run by Frank and Catarina. The level of discipline that is required to do Taekwondo will be a great benefit for them when they are older. As a coach myself I find it compliments their GAA training. If your children  need confidence and some discipline,  I would recommend their services because they do wonders for a wide age group of kids..”

Grainne Bourke, Mother of Cathal, Orain, and Clodagh 

“When we enrolled our son Enda in Taekwondo I knew from the start he would be a bit of a handful as he has so much energy and finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Although it took almost a year, Taekwondo certainly improved not just his concentration but his level of discipline as well. He is a very active child and finds the Taekwondo enjoyable because it is on the go all the time.  I have every confidence in Mr.and Mrs Murphy who have a great knack with getting the best out of each and every child, no matter what their temperament that comes to the Taekwondo club…”

Colm and Anne Marie Flynn parents of Enda.


“When my daughter Ella asked if she could join Taekwondo,  I thought it would just involve basic moves of kicking and punching with a few games. How wrong I was! Taekwondo with Frank and Catarina Murphy is much more than that, they do marvelous work with young, inquiring minds and I would thoroughly recommend these classes for your child…” Karen Fitzgerald, mother of Ella

 ’…My two boys have only recently begun training and I am delighted to have found an activity that does more than just physical exercise. It is great for growing children to learn discipline and respect for themselves and other at such a young age…’ Emma McGrath, mother of Conor & Pete

…The Mitchelstown Taekwondo School has really helped my son Shane since he started almost a year ago. Frank and Catarina are great role models for all their young students who face challenging times as they grow up. They offer a very valuable service to the  community and as a parent I would highly recommend their classes…’ Brid Warren, mother of Shane


What Other Martial Artists Say

‘…Of the hundreds of Martial Artists that I have trained with, most will agree that Frank Murphy is that rare breed of instructor who can get you to dig deep at every session. I am fortunate to be in the position to travel all over the world with access to instructors of different styles. I attended his Liverpool Seminar in April 2012 with a mix of high grades. It took me a while to get passed his accent but he held the group spell bound for 3 hours with his unique mix of physical and psychological nurturing experience. You get the feeling he is aiming the session just for you and what you need in your life there and then. Most instructors teach how to fight and get fit, this guy shows you how to live. Master Murphy is a hero to us here in Merseyside…’

Roy Rolands – Director BP Oil, 2nd Dan Black Belt


…’When I had my academy in Rotherham, Frank Murphy was always my first choice of examiner when it came to Taekwondo black belt gradings…His love of Taekwondo and discipline sets him apart’

Master Shabhir Akthar – Former World & European Taekwondo Sparring Champion


…’For a veteran Taekwondo Master, who is energetic and passionate about his training, he has been an inspiration to me and my students here in Scotland…’

Mr Sean McGoldrick – 5th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo


…’A big heads up to the main man Frank Murphy who has been a great source of inspiration, motivation and talent.We had him over here in the Algarve in the Summer of 2011 and his seminar blew us away. While we have all seen physical techniques done to death until we are blue in the face, this guy does not let you separate your mental training from your physical training and blends it so well together. Very deserving of the title of Master …’

Mr. Ian Donnelly, Taekwondo and Martial Arts Academy owner, Algarve, Portugal. wwwmartialartsalgarve.com





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