Our Mission Statement

dsc_0041Murphy’s Masterclass (Frank Murphy’s Taekwondo School in Mitchelstown) undertakes to:
  • provide the best possible Taekwondo training and instruction in accordance to the standards of the Irish Taekwondo Association.
  • make every effort to run in a Child centered fashion.
  • make every effort to be fair and all inclusive so that the specific needs of any individual young person is met regardless of age, ability or disability, gender, ethnic background.
  • run this club in accordance with IMAC Child Protection Guidelines.
  • ensure all events run under our name (Murphy’s Masterclass, the home of Mitchelstown Taekwondo) as far as every way possible, are age and level appropriate, and are all inclusive. This includes all our classes and events such as tournaments, camps and gradings.
  • provide the opportunity for every Young Person’s voice to be heard in the club.
  • adhere to IMAC Anti-bully policy.
  • adhere to our club policy re: photos, social media and equipment.
  • Protect the privacy of individuals in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • maintain adequate insurance cover at all time.
  • ensure that our coaching certificates, and all other relevant qualifications (First Aid, Garda Vetting etc)  are updated at all times.

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