Taekwondo for Children & Tai Chi for Seniors

Classes for Social, Emotional & Physical Education.


Social distanced TaekwondoWelcome to our school of health and wellbeing, Martial Arts and fitness. We are much more than just kicking and punching and certainly more than just another activity. We are about bridging the gap between you the parent at home and the teacher at school. By learning through the physical exercise we teach the principles of courtesy and respect and instil an atmosphere of fun with discipline in all our classes.

As parents ourselves we know these results cannot be achieved overnight. Through regular training we can teach valuable life skills, improve confidence and self esteem, help your child stand up to negative peer pressure and teach strategies to deal with difficult issues such as bullying.

We are currently unable to offer classes under the level3/4 & 5 restrictions. Once the restrictions are lifted we will gradually resume classes under our strict COVID-19 Protocols.

In order to attend you must book online . Please contact us with an updated email address for more information about returning to training. For all other enquiries please call/text us on 087 2704478 or contact us through our facebook page Murphy’s Masterclass.

Frank Murphy (Tai Chi for Health instructor and 7th Dan ITF Taekwondo) & Catarina Murphy ( MSc. Physical Education & 3rd Dan Taekwondo).

Government Approved members of the Irish Taekwondo Association.

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