Cork Taekwondo

Cork Taekwondo 40 Years Reunion

Think of Brazil, and you invariably think of soccer. Visit Cork in Southern Ireland you might be forgiven for thinking of Taekwondo because this city and county has been a passionate bastion of ITF styled Taekwondo since Master Continue reading “Cork Taekwondo 40 Years Reunion” »

Cork Taekwondo 40 years on – an Opportunity in Waiting

If you were to visit Cork right now, today you simply could not miss the sea of Red and White Cork flags, bunting, silly hats and even people’s cars all in Red.

Because Cork will play in the Hurling Final tomorrow every man, woman and child, all the schools national and second level will take advantage of boasting Continue reading “Cork Taekwondo 40 years on – an Opportunity in Waiting” »

CORK TAEKWONDO ….How Big is That?

Cork Taekwondo Instructors’ Last minute Check List:

Posters up, flyers pushed through letterboxes, press releases sent off, web-sites tweaked with landing and squeeze pages, complete with flashing lights and limited special-offer free-bees to stressed out parents. Yep all done.

Wait there’s more ! … Continue reading “CORK TAEKWONDO ….How Big is That?” »

The Cork Taekwondo Funeral Experience

On Thursday morning I bumped into some old Taekwondo training friends and even some former Taekwondo foes, when I attended a funeral here in my hometown of Cork in Southern Ireland. Continue reading “The Cork Taekwondo Funeral Experience” »

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