Online Taekwondo Classes

Online Taekwondo Classes & Training

1b58d501-620a-440e-b70d-3191bc84a797Due to the Government restrictions related to Covid 19, on occasions we run online training.

With ZOOM technology and online personal feedback training we can now bring Taekwondo training into your home.

In order to participate in this programme you must be registered with us. All class payments and bookings are done via our on-line booking system, Legitfit.


‘Kickstart your Child’s Confidence’

If you are interested please call/message us on 087 2704478 or email for further information.

Taekwondo Zoom Class Training Rules

1. Wear full Taekwondo uniform (unless you are a beginner) as we wish to keep the level of discipline expected in any Taekwondo class.

2. Make sure you have a clear space to train in, that it is non-slip floor with no rugs and that all  tables/chairs/ornaments are well out of the way.

3. A parent/guardian must be present with the student for safety purposes.

4. Make sure you have a bottle of water, your sparring gloves and ideally a Taekwondo paddle/kickshield available (large firm cushion can be used) which must be held by an adult.

5. Choose a room with good lighting and have your camera on so that we can feedback on your performance during the class. Make sure the mobile phone is fully charged so that it lasts the 45-60 minutes of the class.

6. Any behaviour by a student that causes unecessary distraction (particularly into the camera), is disrespectful to either intructor or fellow students, or affects the discipline of the class will result in the student’s removal from the zoom training room.

7. The class will be recorded for the purpose of replay for students who miss the class, and for training and safety purposes .


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