Remembering General Choi Hong Hi

As the sun sets on this day June 15th, 2013, let us Taekwon-Do students and instructors around the world pause to reflect the man who died on this day eleven years ago in June 2002. The founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi.

Because of his many sacrifices during his time, many millions of people worldwide have led better lives. Let us be grateful for that. I wrote this short poem  in his memory;


Remembering  General Choi 1918 – 2002


With cotton Dobuk, a ghost rides tonight

Across the Korean sky

To honour the Father of Taekwon-Do

General Choi Hong Hi


He passed through all our thoughts today

As we practised forms in time

As King Se Jong spells it out

Your legacy left behind


And your Tenets help us, to live our lives

With Taekwon-Do’s artistic joy

With gratitude for all you’ve done

From every man, woman, girl and boy


For four score years and three years more

Your life was on the line

Your mind was crucified 100 times

When, like kids, we acted spoiled


We reflect around the Kimchi meal

Of a Father and Soldier died

We raise a glass in final toast

We miss you General Choi.


By Frank Murphy

15th June 2013.

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