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27th February 2021

Dear Parents and Students

We never knew that we would be in this situation for so long, and it will be months until we will be able to return to Taekwondo training as we knew it. We have received wonderful testimonies thanking us for our attempts at saving our sanity during the darker and wetter days of January and February. It’s great to know that our efforts were truly appreciated.

The recent government announcement of a further 6 weeks in level 5 is just another knock back and in order to keep the school alive, we have no choice but to do a form of hybrid training for the time being.

The part of the course which we cannot engage in is any form of partner work, in particular sparring training, which is complex. Even if you have a standing bag, you cannot teach these skills against a stationary object. This type of training will have to be put on hold for now.



We will now offer a Hybrid form of training programme starting on the 1st of March 2021. While we can’t train at the premises we will offer a monthly membership to cover the combination of the Zoom classes and WhatsApp feedback personal instruction.

You can now set up your membership on Legitfit.  The membership allows you unlimited access to the available zoom classes and WhatsApp training feedback sessions. This fee remains the same regardless if you attend the live zoom classes or not. For those who miss or unable to attend zoom classes, we will send you a link to access the recording of the class. The membership is a recurring monthly fee and will be reviewed/changed when we are able to return to classes at the premises. You can cancel it at any time if your child no longer wishes to continue training.

If you just wish to attend zoom classes, you may pay by the class, which once again can be done when you book on Legitfit.  Please understand that the ‘Pay by the Class’ does not include the WhatsApp coaching feedback service.

So from 1st March onwards, the classes/WhatsApp tuition can only be attended if you book on Legitfit via a membership.

The purpose of the zoom classes is for us to witness your child doing some form of physical conditioning and fitness that is Taekwondo specific. If they cannot attend, we would expect them to follow the zoom class recording in their own time. These classes will  be age specific rather than belt specific. Initially the zoom schedule will be as follows, we will review it as time goes on:

Thursday evenings 7pm open to age 10+ & Teens

Saturday mornings 11am open to younger Juniors Ages 6 to 10,  but everybody is welcome

The first classes start on Thursday 4th & Saturday the 6th March.

At this time, we cannot confirm the format of the final part of the grading/assessment (indoors/outdoors or via zoom). All we can say is that most of the weight will be placed on the work done via continuous assessment over the next few months, particularly the technical side of Taekwondo (patterns, linework, technical kicking), footwork & kicking combinations.  A fitness test will be required for the final grading, Questions on Taekwondo Theory will also be asked.

Finally, we know this will not suit everyone. But for those who wish to continue with their Taekwondo training with the goal of progressing to the next belt sooner rather than later, it is our only option for now.

If you wish to enrol your child or family into this programme please confirm via email or send us a message on WhatsApp and we will then send more instructions.

Thank-you again for all your support to date

Yours sincerely
Mr & Mrs Murphy




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