Women’s Self-defense Classes Cork

Frank Murphy has teamed up with David Devins, a Systema and Krav Maga expert in order to deliver courses in personal protection and self-defense.

David Devins Bio:

With 25 years of martial arts training and 9 years of reality based martial arts training David has brought effective techniques from a wide range of arts and blended them into one self – protection system. David is fully qualified in La Ka Kung Fu, Commando Krav Maga and street self protection as well as holding a teaching qualification from Geoff Thompson. His understanding of fear and the effects we all experience of adrenaline in high stress situations is what sets his teaching apart from other self defense classes and is what forms the basis of the prime philosophy of his school of self defense, which is to avoid conflict at all costs.


The combination of David Devin’s expertise with Frank Murphy offers self-defense at it’s best and is specifically tailored to women. They take this difficult subject and deliver it with professionalism and sensitivity.

 The in-depth training classes that are run on these courses last 90 minutes and cover threat awareness, line-ups, pre-emptive strikes, understanding fear, confrontation before and after, self defence and the law, and using what works best when you need it most in a street confrontation.

For more information about up and coming courses, please call David Devins on 086 0211902 or Frank Murphy on 087 2704478.

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