Taekwondo breaking

Taekwondo Pledges to Defend the Weak, or Does It?

Ever stood waiting in a queue in a public place with your partner, when a few intimidating thugs barge and bully their way to the front. What’s worse is when some brave bloke takes it upon himself to make a stand, the thugs proceed to Continue reading “Taekwondo Pledges to Defend the Weak, or Does It?” »

Taekwondo Breaking Techniques


Frank Murphy’s Masterclass on Breaking, materials used, equipment and the training involved. This is a practice which is typical of many martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo, and many of us are fascinated when we watch a demonstration of bricks and tiles being smashed into smithereens!  But a small warning, with the understanding of Sports Science, it is now advisable to avoid such practice as it may cause arthritis in some individuals at a later stage in their lives. It should definitely be avoided by children as it will affect the growth and development of their bones.

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