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Dear Parents and Students

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Summer holiday 2019. Have a great rest and we will be back with much to look forward to in September.



Fermoy: Tuesday 3rd September 2019 & Wednesday 4th September 2019

Mitchelstown: Thursday 5th September 2019 & Saturday 7th September 2019

If you know anybody who would like to join please get them to call us 087 2704478 so that they can be put on the beginner’s list.



As you are probably aware, and understandably, policy pertaining to safeguarding children is getting stricter and we are obliged to ensure that we are compliant in all areas. In order to do this, we are asking parents and guardians to read the sections under the ‘Classes’ tab of our website, and then sign and return the ‘Back to Training Registration Form 2019’. The Child Protection Officer for our Taekwondo School is Mrs Murphy.

We would also like to remind you that photography or taking any video footage in class time is strictly not allowed unless you have specific permission from us.



The latest timetable details for both Mitchelstown (MLC) and Fermoy (Gaelscoil de hIde) are on the website. With regards to Mitchelstown, the advent of the newly mounted seating in the main hall of the MLC, will result with the booking of special events and on such occasions we will not have the use of the hall, particularly on Saturdays.  In the meanwhile, we will endeavour to try and find an alternative venue to keep the classes running when this happens. The first of such dates is Saturday 28th September where we will train at Kilbehenny Community Centre instead.



The I.T.A. will be running another Technical Seminar on Sunday 20th October at the Mitchelstown Leisure Centre. We are very fortunate to have this prestigious event take place at our door step and strongly recommend it to all yellow belts and above. You will enjoy a day (half day for yellow belts) of training with the top National coaches as well as an opportunity to meet other Taekwondo friends from all over the country. This event is bound to fill up fast so if you are interested please let Mrs Murphy know as spaces will be limited. The cost is €15 for yellow belts and €30 from green belt and above.



For those interested in competition, this is probably one of the best events to attend. Tournament is open to Yellow belts and above. The next big tournament run by the ITA will take place at UL Arena, Limerick on 16th & 17th November 2019.



In order to be a member of the ITA, train and attend any events, you must have an up to date license. The next set of license renewals will be issued in October.



We introduce drills that require gloves only from the yellow stripes and above. If at all possible we would be grateful if you could equip your child with gloves at yellow stripe from September onwards. Full sparring equipment is only required in certain classes (Mitchelstown Thursdays 6.00pm, 6.50pm & Saturdays 12Noon Yellow belts and above, Fermoy , Tuesday 7pm class).


When a student doesn’t have a water bottle, it takes up valuable time, disrupts the smooth running of the classes and takes the full attention of an instructor, so we would appreciate you ensuring your child has a bottle of water.



All students must wear their full uniform, this includes their belt as well as this keeps with the ethos of discipline in the classes. Parents, we recommend that your child does not wear a tracksuit under their uniform as they may overheat. In the winter time leggings + T-shirt or skins are ideal.

If your child has grown out of their uniform and it is still in good condition, we invite you bring it down to the club for recycling and help another family.



The Mitchelstown Leisure Center have requested if you would not leave your children unsupervised in the reception area of the center as they are not in a position to mind the children or take any responsibility for any accidents that may happen there. The same goes for the store-room. Thank-you for your co-operation.

We would like to remind you that we only hire one side of the large sports hall for our Taekwondo classes. This means that the 2nd half of the large sports hall is not available for free use, or any other activities such as ball playing, basket ball etc. (which we find very disturbing when we are teaching). Parents and students, please do not use the other side of the sports hall unless you wish to pay for it privately. Thank-you for your understanding.


Finally, teaching the martial art of Taekwon-Do and managing lots of children who have varied ages and abilities, involves co-operation and ongoing commitment from you the parent or guardian and we appreciate this no end. Thanks from both of us.   Long term commitment certainly is hard and difficult and your support to our work is invaluable.

Frank and Catarina Murphy – Taekwon!







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