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Congratulations to all who entered. We ranked 10th out of the 42+ clubs that entered overall, with over 20 medals won by the 18 members who entered. This was a huge achievement and thanks to you all for representing our school.


There will be no classes in Fermoy Gaelscoil d’hIde on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December due to the school play. The final classes will take place on Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th December.

GRADINGS (belt promotions)

Kilbehenny Community Centre Sun 15th Dec 11.00am (white to  yellow/green tag)    12.30pm (Green belts)

Gaelscoil de Hide, Fermoy, Tuesday 17th December 6.00pm (white belts only)

 Students will be handed a grading application form  if we think they are ready to grade after assessment. The grading date will depend on ability to do the required syllabus, your age, attitude and your attendance.

The next gradings will be scheduled some time near the Easter break.

Ninja Graduation Dates:

Fermoy: Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th Dec 5.20pm

Kilbehenny Community Centre: Sunday 15th Dec 10.00am



Mitchelstown: Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th December

Fermoy: Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th December



All classes resume as normal week commencing 6th January 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!



When you visit our website, under the ‘Learn Taekwondo’ section is ‘ITF Patterns’. You may find these videos helpful to learn the movements and practise at home.


PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Full Protective equipment is a requirement from Yellow belt and above. We recommend getting the gloves only from Yellow stripe/tag.You can refer to the  Sparring Drills Rules  for details of the requirements.

You can order your own protective equipment on . All Seniors need to get a Headguard as soon as possible.


OTHER IMPORTANT NOTICES: Teaching the martial art of Taekwon-Do and managing lots of children who have varied ages and abilities, involves co-operation and ongoing commitment from you the parent or guardian and we appreciate this no end. Thanks from both of us.   Long term commitment certainly is hard and difficult and your support to our work is invaluable. Here are some ways you can help:

  •  Water Bottle for you or your Child

When a student doesn’t have a water bottle, it takes up valuable time, disrupts the smooth running of the classes and takes the full attention of an instructor, so we would appreciate you ensuring your child has a bottle of water.

  •  Uniforms

All students must wear their full uniform, this includes their belt as well as this keeps with the ethos of discipline in the classes. Parents, we recommend that your child does not wear a tracksuit under their uniform as they may overheat. In the winter time leggings + T-shirt or skins are ideal

  • Mitchelstown Leisure Centre Regulations

We would like to remind you that we only hire one side of the large sports hall for our Taekwondo classes. This means that the 2nd half of the large sports hall is not available for free use, or any other activities such as ball playing, basket ball etc. (which we find very disturbing when we are teaching). Parents and students, please do not use the other side of the sports hall unless you wish to pay for it privately. Thank-you for your understanding.


  • Taking Photos and Videos

We do take photos ourselves to help us improve the service of the classes and for the purpose of the club social media. If we put photos or videos of your child online we ask for your permission (registration form), however, please note that some parents are not comfortable about other parents taking photos/video footage during class without their permission. Please respect this.







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